Are you a proprietor of any antique stuff? It may require your support even right away!

Time, communities and atmospheric conditions may be merciless to old structures and / or antiquities. From time to time they might need our support to start approximating their best times again.

There are various specialists out there who are able to help you out if you wish to shape up condition and / or functionality of an object, or even whole building!


Autor: Geoff Peters

Autor: John Menard
Renovation is the term generally used to define an action of transformation of condition, purpose of a structure (understood in a wide sense), that may be, a modification in the shape and / or size of the construction, and / or a development, for the scope of reshaping and / or adaptation to other uses, along with practically always conservation and maintenance (operations against the atmospheric factors, painting, waterproofing). The term ‘renovation (insulation materials)’ occasionally introduces also the restoration of cultural goods, which is an expert work committed to stimulating the continuity of those enlightening and artistic evidences, by safeguarding them and recovering them responsibly in order that they may be transmitted to future generations by securing their current use and recognizing its historical, aesthetic and social significance. Managing in both cases is assisted by a comprehensive interdisciplinary investigation and communication process.

The renovation relates to all those activities, which intend to simplify their appreciation, perception and use. In most cases, these actions change the condition of the item, attempt returning the object its meaning, and preserve it for the future.