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Poland is a great destination to stay much longer and establish a family here. Nonetheless, there is always a question which worry most of parents – is there a great primary college for my children? This text will show that the great schools with long traditions and certified educators can be also found in Poland.

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The class which will be characterized (prywatna szkoła podstawowa, Wrocław) is located in Wrocław where resides many foreign people from every corner of the world.

The school is classified as international school for each child, no matter where the scholar is from and where have attended school earlier. Nevertheless, as at each school, there are also some simple laws which must be approved by each scholar before she or he decides to be a user of the global college. First of all, the college accepts children who are around six to 12 years old. If the student used to go to another school, in another location, the pupil has to take a unique test which tells the lecturers what is the skills of particular student. However, it is not a voluntary test – if you would like to be a user of the school, you need get 70% from the challenge.

More information - www.asw.org.pl/en/

Second, it is examined the level of English – all the classes are carried out in English in the school. For this reason, the teachers must know if the provided pupil will handle throughout the classes and if she or he will realize the instructor and another pupils who are frequently from abroad and talk just English.

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Different advantage of participating in to the college is the chance to take part in different after classes activities. The school organizes assorted clubs which are dedicated to pupils’ interests and requires for future. The pupils can take part in cinema club, movie club, European club and more. Furthermore, they have also a chance to study various languages like German, Spanish and Polish. The last language is dedicated to students who would like to be able to communicate in the location they reside in and see that Polish is very effortless, especially when you live in Poland.