How to create an aesthetic and long-lasting building elevation?

Refit of the outside walls is usually a huge challenge. Not only atmospheric conditions ought to be considered, but also the appearance is important. How to reconcile these pair of aspects and what techniqUE to use to obtain it?
Firstly, the substance used ought to be resistant to the ultraviolet radiation, since it is exposed to the sun’s rays.

Next, it needs to be water-repellent so there is no necessity to wash it of pollution. All these conditions are realised while applying silicone render. Due to its wonderful resistance to another climate conditions (temperature, humidity) it is usually used as a top, finishing coat on the external walls. Its layer has usually just a few millimetres. The big benefit of this material is its permeability, which staves off the water condensation indoors. Moreover, the coat will not crack so it is long-lasting. In addition to all technical aspects, silicone render has also attractive look as a finishing layer. It is available in various colours, so anyone is able to choose appropriate one. The other useful trait is that it does not have to be coloured after drying, because it has a dye included. Ultraviolet resistance guarantees the long stability of the colour – it will not fade.

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silicone render

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Using this sort of coat is easy and guarantees that the effect will be satisfying. It will play a decorative – sprawdź – function and also serve a protecting task.

Of course, it is meaningful to prepare the surface before coating it with this kind of render. This will provide the appropriate bond and the sustainability of the outdoor plaster.